Cooking Shows Make Cooking Popular

If you are a fan of cooking shows, or just like to cook in general, then you might already be familiar with the colloquial saying revolving around food: Good food is about fresh ingredients. Yeah, those shows and magazines make things look so simple. They get some great-looking ingredients and end up cooking great meals. However, you don’t hear them speak often enough about what they use to make those meals. The next time you watch a cooking show, look at what they’re working with to make their lives easier. They have high-quality stand mixers, top-shelf cookware and tableware like frying and saute pans, and even their gadgets like garlic presses and vegetable peelers are top-of-the-line products that make life easier in the kitchen.

For instance, let’s say you want to make a big pot of potato soup. You’re going to need a bunch of potatoes, some carrots, and maybe even some other root veggies like turnips and fennel. These things are easy enough to pick up at the local market. However, once you start prepping your meal to cook, which is known in the culinary world as “mise en place,” you’ll find that peeling your vegetables with a knife can take you hours and lead to nicks and cuts and uneven vegetables that won’t cook at the same time.

Rarely do these chefs who make it look easy tell you that 80% of cooking is in the equipment you use. But it’s very true. With a high-quality vegetable peeler, for example, you can make quick work out of all those root vegetables and get your mise en place set up in a matter of minutes. And the same holds true with all your kitchen equipment and tableware. You need thick, sturdy pans that heat and cook evenly. You need good pots that don’t allow food to stick. You need the right utensils. You need cutting boards and mixers and measuring cups and spoons. You need great merchandise to pull off great meals.

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